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UST logo.png
Set symbol
Design team
Mark Rosewater
Development team
Art Director
Release date
December 8, 2017
Themes and mechanics
Keywords and/or ability words
Set size
Expansion code
Un- sets
Unglued Unhinged Unstable
Magic: The Gathering chronology
From the Vault: Transform Unstable Rivals of Ixalan

Unstable is the third Magic: The Gathering booster-based set to be used outside of legal Magic tournaments. It will be released on December 8, 2017 as a standalone fun-set.[1] This is the third of the silver bordered Un-sets and is designed to be drafted.

Set details[edit | edit source]

Unstable was designed to both be drafted alone and be mixed with other sets. According to Mark Rosewater, the best experience is probably when it's drafted alone.[2] The set will feature 'modern design sensibilities' and a 'cohesive creative vision'.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Mark Rosewater had to wait 13 years after Unhinged, before Unstable could be printed. Unhinged had been considered a commercial failure. However, this wasn't because of poor sales, but because of overprinting. Wizards of the Coast didn't regularly create supplemental sets back then so they treated them like a small expansion which they weren’t. Rosewater argues that properly printed, they would have been considered big successes.[3]

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