Trials of the Five Gods

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The Trials of the Five Gods are the core of the faith of the people of Amonkhet.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Trials of the Five Gods are a series of tasks performed on the plane of Amonkhet that each inhabitant of the world aspires to complete. An initiate who undergoes a trial is awarded a Cartouche upon its completion.[1] The God-Pharaoh teaches that this record of the initiate’s achievements preserves the initiate’s essence, safeguarding their life force for the journey to the afterlife.Only the best of the best attain the "worthy dead" and have the honor of being personally killed by Hazoret after completing the 5th trial. The corpses of the survivors are shipped through the Gates of the Afterlife at the end of the Hekma, and are believed to stay in a hidden oasis. It is thought that upon his return, Bolas will grant an afterlife to the worthy dead.

Here are the Trials in the order that the citizens of Amonkhet complete them:[2]

  1. The Trial of Solidarity ({W}) — This Trial tests your ability to work with others.
  2. The Trial of Knowledge ({U}) — This Trial tests your mental capacity.
  3. The Trial of Strength ({G}) — This Trial tests your physical capacity.
  4. The Trial of Ambition ({B}) — This Trial tests your willingness to do what must be done.
  5. The Trial of Zeal ({R}) — This final Trial is a fight to the death. The initiates fight dissenters and heretics to prove their faith.

In-game[edit | edit source]

In game the Trials are represented by a cycle of uncommon enchantments, which have an enter the battlefield effect, which reflects their color. Trials also have a clause, where whenever a trial's owner plays a cartouche, they return it to their hand.

References[edit | edit source]

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