Shattered Chains

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Shattered Chains
Author(s) Clayton Emery
First printing January 27, 1995
ISBN-13 978-0061054198
preceded by Whispering Woods
followed by Final Sacrifice

Shattered Chains is the second novel in the Greensleeves cycle. It was published in March 1995. It is written by Clayton Emery. The story continues from Whispering Woods and continues in Final Sacrifice.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

To common folk like Gull and Greensleeves, wizards were a blight on the land. When Greensleeves discovered her own magical ability, she decided to use it to break the power of the other wizards.

Gull's army helped, but not much - and Gull wasn't much of a general. Their mana vault might have helped, but she hadn't learned how to control it. Then Rakel was sent to stop them and their 'mana vault' came alive.

Things couldn't get any worse.

Or so they thought until the wizards caught on to what Greensleeves was doing.