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Jump to: navigation, search (also refered to as is the official website for the game of Magic: The Gathering and a subpage of, the official homepage of Wizards of the Coast. It features columns by R&D members and prominent Magic players. [1] [2]

History[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source] followed up on Duelist Online. It went online in early 2000, but the first page was not Magic specific (May 30, 2000 edition). The first Magic specific page went online in early 2001 around the time of 7th Edition (April 30, 2001). The site moved to a column format (ala newspaper looking) in early 2002. When web editor Aaron Forsythe left in 2003 to become part of R&D, it was considered to merge the site with Magic Online and the Sideboard website. [3] This was effectuated in early 2004, when Scott Johns took over. [4] [5] [6] [7]

Facelifts[edit | edit source]

Further facelifts and updates followed in August 2005 [8], July 2006 [9] and September 2006. [10] A complete overhaul of the site was achieved in August 2008. [11] [12] After Scott Johns, Kelly Digges managed the site. Since 2012, Trick Jarrett and Mike McArtor were the content managers. [13] [14] [15]

Rasmussen era[edit | edit source]

In 2014, Blake Rasmussen became copy editor-in-chief and the site was completely revamped, again. Changes included a responsive design for an improved browsing experience on any web-connected device, a rich and interconnected story section, a new calendar, an improved search functionality and a more robust experience for visitors reading in non-English languages. [16] The revamped site wasn't functioning very well in the first weeks and met with a lot of criticism. This led to another complete redesign, only six months later. [17] In January 2016 Rasmussen let go of the strict weekly format of the site. The roster of authors and the range of content were expanded, and the site now could be updated several times a day at irregular intervals. Rasmussen introduced the Daily Magic Update, retired Magic Arcana and rechristened Uncharted Realms to the rather bland "Official Magic Fiction" (later Magic Story). [18]

Notable content[edit | edit source]

Daily[edit | edit source]

Weekly[edit | edit source]

Biannual[edit | edit source]

  • Announcement Day. A mass product announcement — one in the spring and one in the fall tied to the relevant upcoming block. [20]

Irregular[edit | edit source]

  • Magic Digital
  • Top Decks by Mike Flores and later Luis Scott-Vargas.
  • Magic Online Weekly Announcements Blog.
  • Magic Online Bug Blog.
  • How to Play....
  • Ways to Play.
  • Magic Lifestyle.
  • Magic Podcast.
  • Walking the Planes. Video series hosted by Nathan Holt, Walking the Planes documents various large tournaments (such as Grand Prix or Pro Tour) and the overall Magic scene in a light-hearted fashion. It often includes interviews with pro players. The series also features small sketches about the misadventures of an unnamed necromancer planeswalker (played by Holt).
  • Friday Nights. Video series produced by the Canadian sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun, the series documents the groups own experience in playing Magic and its contact with the culture surrounding the game (e.g. a road trip to Grand Prix Calgary 2013), exaggerated for humorous effect.

Retired content[edit | edit source]

Magic Arcana[edit | edit source]

Magic Arcana was a section of the site that provided readers with sneak peeks of future products and revelations of little-known factoids about the game's past.[21] It used to be updated daily, but after 2014 it wasn't updated on fridays anymore. In 2016 it was incorporated in the Daily Magic Update.

Magic Arcana made its debut on January 2, 2002. Mark Rosewater wrote:

Each day we will tell you or show you something you’ve never heard or seen before. News of an upcoming set, original sketches, alternative packaging, playtest cards, uncropped artwork, style guide images, etc. "Magic Arcana" will go where no Magic site has gone before.[22]

Before 2014, every Friday, Magic Arcana ha'd a "Wallpaper of the Week", which is a card artwork that is downloadable at 1280 x 960 pixels, 1280 x 1024 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, and 800 x 600 pixels. Magic Arcana kept an archive of Wallpapers of the Week.

The Lexicon was another regular part of Magic Arcana. The Lexicons were articles that defined words used in card titles. For instance, the lastest entry lists a caldera noun as "A large crater formed by volcanic explosion or by collapse of a volcanic cone."

The 1000th Magic Arcana was updated on January 25, 2006. [21]

Ask Wizards[edit | edit source]

Ask Wizards is a section of the site that answers sent-in questions of the public. It changed from daily, to weekly (allowing for staff holidays.) [23] [22] In 2014 it became a monthly feature. [24] Later it disappeared alltogether.

Card of the Day[edit | edit source]

Every weekday day, Card of the Day was updated with a Magic card with an interesting factoid or two; this feature provided readers with "inside" scoops and Easter Eggs. [25] The chosen card often related to the theme of the week, if there was one, or the other cards chosen during that week.

Orb of Insight[edit | edit source]

The Orb of Insight was a recurrent feature that was available prior to a set's release. It was a JavaScript-based object that, when available, one could type in a term, word or number, and the Orb would return with the number of mentions of such term in the forthcoming expansion. Although it did not take flavor text into consideration, it did consider card names and rules text.

Mark Rosewater wrote of the Orb of Insight:

You enter any word, and the Orb will tell you how many times that word appears in [a given set]. It counts all text on the cards with the exception of flavor text. What can you figure out with this little tool? To be honest, I’m not sure. But I plan to have fun watching all of you learn what you can.[22]

Mistform Ultimus Watch[edit | edit source]

The Mistform Ultimus Watch was a recurring sub-feature that kept track of what creature types Mistform Ultimus had become, and in effect, what new creature types recently had been added to Magic. [26]

Columns[edit | edit source]

Regular columns used to be: [27]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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