Jiachen Tao

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Jiachen Tao
Nickname JC
Residence Seattle, United States
Nationality United States.png American
Pro Tour debut Pro Tour Fate Reforged 2015
Winnings $61,200 (as of 2016-10-07)
Pro Tour top 8s 1 (1 win)
Grand Prix top 8s 2 (0 wins)
Median Pro Tour Finish 107
Pro Tours Played 7
Lifetime Pro Points 73 (as of 2016-10-22)

Jiachen Tao is an American professional player. He won Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch in 2016, an event in which he piloted a Blue-Red Eldrazi deck to victory in the top eight against three straight Team ChannelFireball/Face-to-Face members.

Accomplishments[edit | edit source]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
2015–16 Pro Tour Atlanta Modern and Booster Draft 5–7 February 2016 1
2015–16 Grand Prix Albuquerque Limited 16–17 April 2016 6
2016–17 Grand Prix San Jose Limited 28–29 January 2017 5

-->Source: Wizards.com

Pro Tour results[edit | edit source]

List of Pro Tour results and winnings
Season Pro Tour Format Finish Winnings
2014–15 Fate Reforged in Washington, D.C. Modern and Booster Draft 181
2015–16 Battle for Zendikar in Milwaukee Standard and Booster Draft 131
2015–16 Oath of the Gatewatch in Atlanta Modern and Booster Draft 1 $40,000
2015–16 Shadows over Innistrad in Madrid Standard and Booster Draft 107
2015–16 Eldritch Moon in Sydney Standard and Booster Draft 95
2016–17 Kaladesh in Honolulu Standard and Booster Draft 127
2016–17 Aether Revolt in Dublin Standard and Booster Draft 33 $1,500

-->Source: Wizards.com

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