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Set symbol
Design team
Mark Rosewater (co-lead)
Ken Nagle (co-lead)
Development team
Art Director
Release date
September 29, 2017
Themes and mechanics
Keywords and/or ability words
Set size
Expansion code
Development codename
Ixalan block sets
Ixalan TBA (none)
Magic: The Gathering chronology
Commander 2017 Ixalan Iconic Masters

Ixalan (pronounced as "IXS-a-lon"[1]) is the 76th Magic expansion, and the first in the Ixalan block. It will be released on September 29, 2017,[2] and is a large expansion.

Set details[edit | edit source]


Storyline[edit | edit source]

The cards that represent the Story Spotlights in Ixalan are: TBA

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Prerelease[edit | edit source]

Prerelease Events take place on TBA

Promotional Cards[edit | edit source]

Tokens and emblems[edit | edit source]

Themes and mechanics[edit | edit source]

Card types[edit | edit source]

Cycles[edit | edit source]

Mirrored pairs[edit | edit source]

Reprinted cards[edit | edit source]

Functional Reprints[edit | edit source]

Card comparisons[edit | edit source]

Preconstructed decks[edit | edit source]

Ixalan will have two planeswalker decks:

Planeswalker deck name Colors included Planeswalker
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Unknown unknown
Unknown unknown

Notable cards[edit | edit source]


References[edit | edit source]

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