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Birthplace Amonkhet
Race God
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Jackal-headed Hazoret is the Amonkhet god of zeal. She is responsible for the final trial and slaughters the winner with her spear, rewarding them with the God-Pharaoh's presence. Hazoret's ideal of zeal encompasses powerful emotions as well as religious intensity. It is not enough to merely want a place in the afterlife, initiates must channel that drive into a furious battle that will determine their final place in the afterlife.[1]

In the time before Bolas corrupted Amonkhet, however, she represented compassion and inspiration.[2]

Under Bolas' thrall, she believes herself to be his daughter, and to have been made from the same magic as the Second Sun.[3] While Bolas' deceived the gods about him being the creator of Amonkhet, the Second Sun is in fact natural to the plane.[4]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Hazoret's canine form is likely inspired by Anubis, the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife; one of his epithets is tepy-dju-ef, "He who is upon his mountain". Her role in ending the life of the worthy draws parallels to Set, the Egyptian god of storms and the desert, who killed Osiris and thus allowed him to enter the afterlife. Her association with the sun and zeal to the God-Pharaoh might also invoke Sekhmet.

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