Final Sacrifice

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Final Sacrifice
Author(s) Clayton Emery
First printing March 23, 1995
ISBN-13 978-0061054204
preceded by Shattered Chains

Final Sacrifice is the final novel in the Greensleeves cycle. It was published in May 1995. It is written by Clayton Emery. The story continues from Whispering Woods and Shattered Chains.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

From frozen mountains to an ocean-drowned forest, from war-torn battlefields to the glowing crypts of Lat-Nam, the Archdruid Greensleeves travels with her ragged troops searching for spells to defeat an army of angry wizards and end their reign of terror. While Greensleeves uncovers ancient mysteries, Gull the Woodcutter fights a fierce battle with a Keldon Warlord who holds the key to an awful secret from the past.

With each fight, Greensleeves, Gull, and their outnumbered army realize that only one last desperate spell can save them all. But to unleash it, Greensleeves must be willing to make the final sacrifice.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The cover art has Gull with all five fingers on his left hand. He only has two from a tree felling accident.