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First seen: Amonkhet
Last seen: Hour of Devastation
Planeswalkers: Nicol Bolas, the Gatewatch
Status: Unknown

Amonkhet is a plane ruled by Nicol Bolas.

Description[edit | edit source]

Liliana believes the plane was created by Nicol Bolas before the Mending, when a planeswalker would still have had the power to do so,[1] though Nissa later discovered that Bolas had instead corrupted a pre-existing plane and warped its culture to worship him instead.[2] The plane is orbited by two suns that shroud the plane in perpetual daylight without actual nights.[3] The second one has slowly been making its path to Bolas' Horn Monument. The people believe that when it appears between the horn, Bolas will return. Amonkhet's leylines are weaker than other planes, pulsing like the veins of a dying animal. Things that die on the plane transform into undead, which is referred to as the Curse of Wandering.[4][5][6] If they are embalmed, they become servile mummies.[7]

The only known settlement is the city of Naktamun, where the gods dwell among the population. The people within the city are divided into several districts that prepare for the trials of the five gods, an elaborate series of tests overseen by viziers. Groups of warriors are referred to as crops that prepare to take the trials together.[8] Dissenters against the God-Pharaohs teachings are either locked into sarcophagi or banished into the Broken Lands.

Actually, Bolas has engineered a world where the inhabitants reach maximum physical perfection before killing one another in the Trials. While the denizens see this as a righteous path to a glorious afterlife, Bolas' is the creation of an army of Zombie warriors known as Eternals.

Known locations[edit | edit source]

  • The Luxa River
  • Naktamun, the central city-state.
  • The Broken Lands, the desert littered with remnants of lost civilizations and roamed by marauding mummies, ravenous sandwurms, malicious demons, and a host of unimaginable terrors.
    • The Horn Monument, erected by Bolas in his own visage, enchanted to appear stationary from every angle. Built to frame the Second Sun on the horizon at the moment of his choosing.[11]
    • Shefet
    • Ifnir
    • Empty underground catacombs
    • Lazotep mines; source of the valued blue mineral.
    • Ramunap

Gods[edit | edit source]

The gods of Amonkhet predate the God Pharaoh. During his initial assault, Bolas killed every single being old enough to walk, weakening the gods enough for him to overtake them.[12] When Bolas departed Amonkhet, he left behind five gods to steward the plane until his fateful return. Physically exemplary and magically unparalleled, these gods are whom the citizens of Naktamun beseech in their time of need. Unlike the distant gods of Theros, the gods of Amonkhet walk openly among their people. The citizens gladly build monuments to these Gods, as well as to the God-Pharaoh Bolas whose return is prophesied.

Originally, there were eight gods. After Bolas took over the plane, only five remain.[2] The other three were stowed away.[12]

The Five Gods
  • Oketra, the cat god of solidarity ({W})
  • Kefnet, the ibis god of knowledge ({U})
  • Bontu, the crocodile god of ambition ({B})
  • Hazoret, the jackal god of zeal ({R})
  • Rhonas, the cobra god of strength ({G})
The Three Forgotten Gods

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Sentient races:

Domesticated races:

Wild races:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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